Desks and Workstations


In a lively setting, ThinkingQuietly’s range of acoustic furniture turns the volume down on peripheral sound. The acoustic material is fabricated from compressed recycled plastic. Workstations are available with front privacy panels and a mobile briefcase that can be placed between users. Cable trays utilize the same material to conceal power and data, reducing floor level noise.


EdgeWorks takes its name from the refined profile of the steel leg. The sharp and unhampered design gives different dimensions and appearances from many angles. A sliding metal frame allows EdgeWorks to expand and contract, adapting to ever changing work environments.


Signature trestle metal bases and exposed plywood tops bring an industrial element to Rail’s collaborative workspace solutions. Rail embodies a functional, yet flexible offering, blending both open and private office environments. Baltic Birch veneer tops and exposed plywood edges offer a solution for urban industrial spaces. Collection is available in all Veneer, Veneer with an HPL Top or all Thermally Fused Laminate choices that meet any design aesthetic!

Central Park

A collection designed for today’s work style with our largest offering of products, mixed materials, distinctive edge details and options. Central Park is the most versatile collection for your individual business.

NOT SO square Office

A collection introduced as unconventional, or “NOT SO square,” to meet the unique design and work style of your business. The name is emulated through angular metal elements. Height adjustability, beveled edges and metal accents offer a range of expression extending from the private to open office. A palette of veneer and laminates set the tone for any space - that is NOT SO square.

NOT SO square Open

NOT SO square provides open communication and accessibility with built-in personal storage and power, making this collection the perfect solution for teaming environments. Marker board, exposed plywood edges, plank match veneer and laminate create your own signature tone. Integrated power and data with height adjustable workstations give individual control for sitting or standing. Attractive aesthetics meet a moving workplace!


The play on thick and thin is a distinguishing characteristic throughout the Rift collection. Rift takes its name from the rift cut tech grain that runs horizontally on all face planes. The tech grain, inset panels and monolithic cases create a modern, linear and minimalist aesthetic. Take Rift to a new level with integrated sit/stand technology.


A modern desk and workstation collection with metallic sharpness and clean-lined simplicity. Spaces exudes residential trends that can adapt to any environment. The name comes from the metal spacer detail and attractive leg that elevates units from the floor. The inset aluminum spacer creates the illusion of floating tops. Spaces features the largest offering of materials, including glass table desks, aluminum accents and attractive storage solutions.

Capitol Park

An icon of timeless transitional styling that enhances the sophisticated office while inspiring work place performance and productivity. Capitol Park offers a refined look for an affordable price, without compromising craftsmanship or materials.


Prado takes its name and its timeless look from the Nacional del Prado, an art gallery in Madrid. Neoclassical dentil molding, beveled glass and solid hardwood details are reminiscent of the Spanish Royal Collection, bringing luxury and functionality to workspaces.

Richmond Park

Elegant, traditional and uncommonly practical. Richmond Park is an enduring executive line with glass doors and cornice detailing at competitive pricing.


Jamestown achieves real workplace solutions in today’s traditional office. Hand fitted scalloped molding, solid hardwood bases and mitered cornice detailing emanate impeccable quality and craftsmanship.