NC Works

Conover, NC
When Michelle Lambert, President of Lambert Design Group LLC, took on the job of planning and designing NC Work’s new space in Conover, NC, she expected obstacles. “The building is very historic and had some quirks, so this project had a lot of potential for difficulty,” says Lambert. “This company works with veterans and unemployed individuals, so there is a great need for privacy and one-on-one interactions.” Based on these challenges, coupled with NC Works’ desire to support local, minority-owned business, Lambert selected DARRAN’s Central Park and NOT SO square collections. “Most employees at NC Works were transitioning from private to open office in the new space, and we found DARRAN’s lines to be very supportive of their need for privacy and storage while maintaining a killer aesthetic in the open office,” Lambert notes. Despite the potential hurdles, Lambert says DARRAN delivered a seamless solution, from order to installation. “The DARRAN team’s depth of product knowledge makes designing easy. I knew the components we needed, and DARRAN took the info and provided a stellar solution,” says Lambert. “The project never changed from the original layout!” See more photos of Lambert’s design of NC Works in Conover, NC here.
Michelle Lambert
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Products Used

  • Conferencing Conference
  • Central park Desks and Workstations
  • NOT SO square open Desks and Workstations