“Consciously Balanced.” That’s the mantra Amanda Nordquist used as her guiding force when designing the new ‘conflict shop’ space for Proto, a company in the heart of the Chicago Loop. Amanda, Principal of ACN Designs, took the project on knowing there was a short lead time and a need for desk top wire management with acoustic dampening within the limited office space. As designer and architect of the project, Amanda was tasked with not only developing a furniture and floor plan; but to also merging a new brand identity for this start-up. Working with an 8 week lead time from design to move-in Amanda found that ThinkingQuietly incorporated clean lines and architectural interest at a competitive price. “My workstation solution had to offer strong visual impact, material depth and interest, while also being neutral enough to highlight the accents of the brand identity,” says Nordquist. “The DARRAN ThinkingQuietly collection checked all my ‘boxes’ - the collection allowed me to create visual and architectural interest, with use of the canopy, while also effectively answering my desktop wire management.” Amanda feels confident she created the ideal solution for her client with DARRAN’s acoustic products. “I am extremely impressed with the ThinkingQuietly collection. I look forward to seeing the future growth of the evolution of the product line. This product solves so many design challenges and provides enhancements, especially in a small space!
Amanda Nordquist, ACN Designs
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Products Used

  • Thinking Quietly Desks and Workstations