Bota collection grows at NeoCon 50

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Bota collection grows at NeoCon 50
June 11, 2018

DARRAN’s newest lounge collection Bota is now more versatile with new product additions of Bota Booth and Bota Island. The line expansion includes integration of technology, tables and teaming into the tailored modular collection.

Bota Booth is a relaxed meeting hub of two facing lounge units surrounded by an acoustic cocoon. Integrated tables in veneer or laminate make Bota Booth an instant conference room accommodating four to six people. The interior and exterior back wall allows for a wall-mounted TV, magnetic marker or glass board encouraging uninterrupted productivity and focus.

Power Up! Add a Tully clamp mount power module to Bota Booth tables for USB, power and HDMI options at your fingertips. Tully is available in different color selections and adds a pop of color to Booth configurations. Keno USB and power is also available in black or white modules.  For Booths without a table, specify the Node power pod in the seat fronts, giving convenient power amenities to seated users.

The back wall of Bota Booth contains a central wire channel, providing access to wires from the interior and exterior of the booth.  When selecting a clamp mount power module or a TV mount, two grommets are placed in standard locations on the booth wall for entry and exit.   Choose from black or white grommets and select for the cord exit to be on the interior or exterior of the booth wall.

Bota is comprised of multiple modular elements that allow for the creation of a wide range of work zones, from more relaxed collaborative zones to quiet individual workspaces.

Bota Islands add a spontaneous seating surface to common areas. With 360 degrees of perching space, users can relax, enjoy conversation or work on Bota Island. Large ottoman sizes along with the option of power provide space to spread out and become modular. Multi-fabric applications give distinctive style and bring immediate energy to environments.

Introduced at NeoCon 2017, Bota is an ever-growing lounge collection with the ability to function as a powered station, touchdown terminal, brief meeting place, personal focus nook and an overall hub of concourse. The appearance and function of Bota is enhanced through carefully tailored details in the upholstery. When viewed from above, the budding formation resembles a flower, inspiring the botanical collection name – Bota.

Bota is designed by Keith Melbourne, a former advanced aerospace and automotive engineer found his passion in furniture design. His combined talents and experience result in precise, striking furniture that functions exceptionally in commercial interiors.

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