DARRAN’s Cone wows viewers at NeoCon 50

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DARRAN’s Cone wows viewers at NeoCon 50
June 11, 2018

DARRAN Furniture launched a product like nothing else available in the contract market this week at NeoCon 50 in Chicago. The Cone is an overhead meeting space designed to create privacy for users, significantly reducing noise and creating a balanced sound environment.

The ThinkingQuietly Cone design entails a tapered round solid oak frame with acoustic walls and an open top. Suspended 5 foot above the floor or the Cone can be made height adjustable.  The Cone creates quiet zones in public areas by trapping sound as it naturally expands.

“Our designers wanted to create some novelty in using the ThinkingQuietly Cone –  a fun factor for users,” says Dean Kuch of ThinkingWorks Design Studio. “Then, users would understand the benefits of better acoustic furniture and in turn that would tune their minds into how best to work in an office that suffers from noise challenges.”

Kuch found inspiration for the ThinkingQuietly Cone in the memorable “Cone of Silence” from the TV show, “Get Smart.”

The Cone garnered much attention at the show this week and was honored as a 2018 HiP Finalist.

“One of the biggest challenges in office design today is controlling noise in an open plan work environment, and it was a problem for my office too,” says Kuch. “I always talked about designing a noise dampening cone.”

The ThinkingQuietly collection is debuting new material selections at NeoCon. Solid oak components will be available in Ebony, and acoustic material will be offered in Charcoal Gray. To complement the darker surface material palette, ThinkingQuietly will offer a coordinating Graphite Gray metal finish, completing the sophisticated design aesthetic.

ThinkingQuietly was designed by ThinkingWorks Design Studio, a design team that takes curiosity to new heights, finding solutions to design exceptional furniture.

For more information about ThinkingQuietly Cone, visit http://www.darran.com/product/conference/thinkingquietly

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