DARRAN’s Workbay wins Metropolis Likes, HiP Finalist at NeoCon 50

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DARRAN’s Workbay wins Metropolis Likes, HiP Finalist at NeoCon 50
June 11, 2018

DARRAN Furniture’s ThinkingQuietly Workbays, a collective atmosphere to the workplace that is easily moveable and metropolitan, received a 2018 Metropolis Likes Award and was honored as a 2018 HiP Finalist at NeoCon 50 this week in Chicago.

The Workbay is made from modular oak framed acoustic panels that can be arranged for endless privacy or teaming opportunities. Panels quickly join, creating Workbays of assorted sizes and layouts. Various lengths of straight panels with corner panels can be configured into meeting rooms or individual workbays.

Workbays create cocoons that function as informal and accessible common rooms with space for meeting tables and seating. These hubs also serve as private workstations with storage space and room for sitting or standing height workstations. The modular freestanding system allows people to work in peace or collaborate.

Zigzag Workbays use alternating panels to snake back and forth creating triangular work centers with surfaces that adjust from sitting to standing height. ThinkingQuietly Workbays provide any common space or open office with sound relief and privacy options for enhanced productivity.

“One interesting thing we found with the new ThinkingQuietly products is that in addition to the acoustic benefits, Workbays also serve as a visual barrier to the general office space,” says designer Dean Kuch. “People inside the products focus much more on their meeting simply because the walls block out a degree of visual distractions that you'd normally experience in a meeting room environment.  Meetings are faster and more effective!”

Workbays support electronic devices needed for productivity by integrating power at the user’s fingertips. Pods are available in the tabletop or undersurface mounted with power and USB options.

As a collaborative room or a personal focus nook, ThinkingQuietly Workbay is a modern office oasis.

The ThinkingQuietly collection is debuting new material selections at NeoCon. Solid oak components are available in Ebony, and acoustic material will be offered in Charcoal Gray. To complement the

darker surface material options, ThinkingQuietly will offer a coordinating metal finish, Graphite Gray, to complete the sophisticated design aesthetic.

ThinkingQuietly was designed by ThinkingWorks Design Studio, a design team that takes curiosity to new heights, finding solutions to design exceptional furniture.

For more information about Workbay, visit http://www.darran.com/product/desks-and-workstations/thinkingquietl

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