DARRAN introduces ultimate adaptable desk collection, Chameleon, at NeoCon

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DARRAN introduces ultimate adaptable desk collection, Chameleon, at NeoCon
June 19, 2019

DARRAN Furniture is proud to debut its newest collaboration with designer Mark Müller – Chameleon, a casegood collection that embodies the modern office and captures the essence of adaptability.

Say hello to Chameleon, designed by Mark Müller. Chameleon embodies the modern office with habitats for private and collaborative spaces. Not overdone or oversized, Chameleon is spatially clever, with stacking options and lean filing. With carefully curated materials and mitred case detailing, the collection’s relaxed personality is in harmony with its environment. Seating elements provide room for collaboration, while the palette of wood, felt and paint craft creative workspaces. Chameleon captures the essence of adaptability.

The collection has a unique flexibility that allows it to be configured on both horizontal and vertical planes with stacking options, lean filing, and mitered cases with inset door and drawer fronts.

Müller says, the strength of Chameleon is that it can be all things depending on specification. The collection stems from a central beltline that streamlines storage and conceals power in a hidden channel. From there, the system is configured with worksurfaces and storage to connect tasking and teaming. Stackable units and lean lines create levels of elevation in surfaces, while subtly defining personal space. For further definition of individual and group space, pull in a freestanding Chameleon screen. These fixed or mobile acoustic room dividers make it easy to create peace and quiet, or to eliminate distractions.

“A crucial step in furniture design is understanding what problem the design is solving,” says Müller. “Modern commercial interiors are inspirational spaces in need of like-minded furniture products. From there, we took a list of identified needs and converted those into something exciting, stylish and functional. It is not ironic that the finished product can adapt to any environment.”

Chameleon welcomes you with a relaxed personality that is in harmony with its environment. Carefully curated color profiles provide an intentional fluid aesthetic within the collection.

For nearly three decades Mark Müller has designed and developed award-winning contract furnishings for both corporate, institutional, and learning environments. Müller’s approach to design reflects his innate understanding of materials and his lifelong passion for furniture that is beautiful, and superbly functional. 

For more information about Chameleon, visit https://www.darran.com/product/desks-and-workstations/chameleon

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