Room Divider

Designed by Dutch Invertuals

About the Collection

Available in late August, 2020.
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Room Divider is the perfect solution for offices, restaurants, health facilities, and homes. They are not only functional but also carefully designed, with a keen eye for color and material. The color range for the collection was carefully considered to include a combination of materials paring muted tones with a vibrant burst of color. The metal frame is available in 8 powder coat finishes coordinating with interior or corporate brand standards.

Room Divider was designed by Dutch Invertuals, a design studio from the Netherlands that works with a large international network of passionate designers–bringing a different set of skills and expertise, driven by an unstoppable urge to create and innovate, to experiment, and redefine.

Features & Benefits
  • The collection of screens is available in four shapes; The Oval, The Circle, The Cresent, and The Diamond.
  • The materiality of the collection incorporates three finishes: acrylic transparent, acrylic translucent, and fabric.
  • Custom made with a high-quality finish, they become part of the identity of a vibrant and safe environment.


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