Conference - Contemporary


There's more than meets the eye. Go beyond Diva’s striking exterior and discover a host of ingenious design elements, each concealed within the solid wood and die cast aluminum frame. Diva was engineered using finite element analysis to create maximum strength using minimum material.


The ThinkingQuietly conference line offers a solution for peace and quiet within collaborative space, creating an environment for maximizing productivity and ideas. In a lively setting, ThinkingQuietly’s range of acoustic furniture turns the volume down on peripheral sound. Contemporary design and felt-like material present warmth and style suitable for the modern workplace. ThinkingQuietly tables feature cable trays that utilize the signature acoustic material fabricated from compressed recycled plastic to conceal power and data and reduce floor level noise. Escape the noise; embrace the quiet. ThinkingQuietly is the winner of the 2017 HiP Award for Workplace Desking, and a 2017 Best of Year Honoree.


Productivity starts now. EdgeWorks takes its name from the refined profile of the steel leg. With a visibly light aesthetic, EdgeWorks is structurally strong with the mild steel frame featuring a uniquely designed hub fixing plate, with support rails offering stability for larger scale meeting and conference rooms. The sharp and unhampered design gives different dimensions and appearances from many angles. A sliding metal frame allows EdgeWorks to expand and contract, adapting to ever changing work environments.


Embrace beauty in its rawest form and celebrate the individuality of natural solid wood. Grove conference, desk and bar tops feature a protective varnish top coat. Select slabs from our live inventory; available sizes include 76”, 96” and 120” lengths. A functional yet stunning option for conference, lounge, desk, dining or bar applications. The inventory posted below allows you to select your own slab.


An air of casualness for conference rooms and offices. Boss is exquisite in detail and minimalistic in design. Integrated power solutions are concealed through hollow legs on table corners. Crafted dovetail maple drawers push-to-open with concealed suspensions. Credenzas are hand fitted and mitered, allowing quartered walnut to waterfall from the top over the ends.