Bota lounge collection flourishes at NeoCon 2017

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Bota lounge collection flourishes at NeoCon 2017
June 12, 2017

High Point, NC – June 2017 – With circular curves and ultimate modularity, DARRAN’s newest lounge collection “Bota” has blossomed as an optimal solution for shared spaces across collaborative work environments and a private zone for concentration.

Introduced at NeoCon 2017, Bota is an ever-growing lounge collection with the ability to function as a powered station, touchdown terminal, brief meeting place, personal focus nook and an overall hub of concourse. A lounge solution with standard provisions for integrated power, rear tables and privacy screens featuring signature stitching. The appearance and function of Bota is enhanced through carefully tailored details in the upholstery. A soft rise on each seat and fitted upholstery are used to define individual space.  When viewed from above, the budding formation resembles a flower, inspiring the botanical collection name – Bota.

The core Bota Circlet component is a two-seat lounge, available in two radii. High and low back Circlet allows for either desk or counter height tables.  Slim upholstered back privacy screens extend upward from lounge backs and provide an element of privacy while others work diligently on cantilevered rear tables.

Bota Shell is composed of upholstered back and side privacy screens with a roof canopy, available in a single, double or triple seat module.  Bota Shell offers privacy in the middle of lively common spaces.  Side privacy screens resemble a petal shape allowing the roof canopy to inset above the seat for ease of use.  While sitting inside Bota Shell a noticeable reduction in sound is realized creating a personal focus nook.  Coordinating ottomans add color and vitality while providing additional seating.

Bota offers freestanding components, including tables and a coat stand. Table tops are organically shaped with rounded corners supported by a steel column and disc plate base in metal finishes. Bota’s Coat Stand takes an elliptical form made from steel wires woven together.

Bota, designed by Keith Melbourne, a former advanced aerospace and automotive engineer found his passion in furniture design. His combined talents and experience result in precise, striking furniture that functions exceptionally in commercial interiors.

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