Within our modern spaces, there is an increasing need for connections to the outdoors. As technology rapidly advances and we find ourselves immersed in digital realms, the need for this connection is increasingly critical. In Japan, there is a therapy called “Forest Bathing” and it has been developed in direct response to tech-boom burnout. The Envi planter provides this same sort of therapeutic benefit in an adaptable and peaceful design that adds distinction to any environment. Designed to function as a planter and a space divider, the Envi products incorporate a solid wood framework with a cast planter box. The forms are soft and inviting so as not to be intrusive yet deliver on function. Available in single units at two different heights, or a stacked unit, the Envi planter brings a little of the outside planter brings in with poise and distinction.

Features & Benefits:

  • Solid Ash or Solid Walnut legs
  • Ultra-High strength polyester resin cast planter boxes for long lasting durability
  • Solid wood precision cut CNC machined hardwood legs for extra strength and stability
  • Steel tube cross bracing on base for added stability
  • Ships KD


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