DARRAN partnered with the global leader in wood coatings to introduce Welltech Urethane Finish. This coating exceeds today’s cleaning protocols, environmental standards, indoor air quality and assists with LEED requirements. Welltech Finish delivers a superior furniture coating with exceptional performance that can withstand stringent cleaning agents and possesses unparalleled durability, allowing DARRAN to provide lasting, sustainable products to our customers.

Welltech Urethane Finish provides one of the industry’s leading high-end coatings that offer chemical resistance throughout the product’s life. Welltech can be disinfected with Clorox (undiluted), Virex, EcoLab, Lysol, H202, Rubbing Alcohol, and can withstand hand sanitizers. It will also protect against water spots from spills or glass rings, heat marks from pizza boxes or hot coffee, and provide excellent resistance to scratches and indentations.

We train our finishing team to prepare the wood and apply stain applications accurately to enhance the natural characteristics in wood that make the finished product stand out. Welltech Finish offers the color depth, consistency, and long-term color stability through multi-step color applications. Our topcoat is a low-emitting, semi-open pore, 25 sheen topcoat that ensures lasting beauty.

Welltech Finish Technology is proven to be an excellent choice when looking for a finish that exceeds performance testing.  The luxurious topcoat is a smooth satin sheen that enhances natural wood yet provides a long-lasting durable finish.  Five tests were completed to examine colorfastness, hardness, imprinting, topcoat thickness, plasticizer migration, and water markings from boiling water. Welltech exceeded standards passing in each test performed. Focusing on quality is essential even on the minor hidden details, giving customers sustainable products that last.

Welltech Benefits:

  • Elegant open-pore 25 satin sheen
  • Exceptional hardness and clarity
  • Resistant to many solvents and chemicals used to disinfect and protect against COVID-19
  • Plasticizer migration resistant
  • Excellent UV inhibitors for maximum color retention
  • Exceeds current and proposed future federal and state air quality requirements
  • Dynamic chamber emissions tested and certified compliant to ANSI/BIFMA X 7.1 standard / LEED standard for low VOC

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