DARRAN releases CET Designer Extension

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DARRAN releases CET Designer Extension
February 28, 2020

DARRAN Furniture has launched a CET Designer Extension for Configura’s space planning all-in-one software solution.

DARRAN worked closely with Configura’s partners to develop Central Park and Central Park Height Adjustable Collection catalogs.  The extension was programmed in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) which is a proprietary CET language. This configuration utilizes CET’s full potential exercising all given product vocabulary within the DARRAN Extension.

CET Extension provides customers with realistic renderings and virtual reality experiences that quickly transforms spaces from an idea to reality with fly-thru videos. The intuitive workflow was designed to allow 2D and 3D symbols to populate floor plans within minutes with instant quotes supporting the sales process.

Programming for DARRAN’s Extension included smart symbols with stretch capability allowing designers to click and drag the handler to change product dimensions.  The Connect feature was incorporated allowing designers to drag and drop products close together and have them automatically connect and positioned for designer planning efficiencies while global features allow modification of several products at once. 


Download:  DARRAN’s Extension on CET Designer Marketplace

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