Honey won the prestigious award for Best of Competition and NeoCon Gold in the Furniture Systems & Enhancements Category for Best of NeoCon.Thank you to Christopher Wright and Mark Müller who designed such an innovative collection!

Honey workspace furniture addresses the needs of individual users, their varied work styles, privacy, and well-being. The space-efficient 120° planning grid creates a flowing geometry that meanders through a room with endless possibilities for configuring the workspace. Honey panels are soft and rounded with compound curved surfaces. The panel height of 55” gives the right amount of visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space. Improved air quality is achieved through elevated panels that also allow for proper heat dissipation. Honey offers open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, lounge, or desking in sitting, standing, or height-adjustable adapting to the way you work.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Visual privacy with 55”H panels
  • Increased sound privacy through acoustical material in panels
  • Height-adjustable or fixed tops
  • Maintain or increase floorplan density
  • Flexibility
  • NRC .70
  • Welltech Finish Technology compliant with ANSI/BIFMA X7.1 - Low VOC Emissions


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  • The Endless Capabilities of HoneyThe Endless Capabilities of Honey
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  • A Perfect Modern Office Solution

    Provide ample personal space without adding to the footprint. The unique 120° workstations can create distance between workers while also increasing the overall number of seats compared to standard benching products.

    A Perfect Modern Office Solution
  • An Alternative to Benching

    Open office trends have driven panels down and density up. Benching can lead to lack of privacy and personal space, noisy open environments, and visual distractions among other things. Honey provides a way to maintain density while increasing personal space and adding visual interest into the office.

    An Alternative to Benching

Hear from the Honey Designers

Biophilic Design, Inspired By Nature

Biophilic Design, Inspired By Nature

We see that work environments with natural elements lead to a higher level of well being and productivity, which is an important consideration for business in terms of responsibility to its employees and its own bottom line.

Power Where You Need It

Power Where You Need It
Power Features:
  • UL Listed
  • Integrated into Honey panels
  • Jumper cables up to 204”
  • 8 Wires, 4 circuits, 20 Amps each
  • Duplex receptacles, telecom plate standard in white with the option of black.
  • Wire Management Made Simple

    Honey’s height-adjustable worksurfaces have a built-in 1” gap at the back to allow easy access to power without need of a grommet.

    Wire Management Made Simple
  • Wire Management Made Simple

    Honey’s fixed-height worksurfaces use a convenient grommet to allow wires easy access to power.

    Wire Management Made Simple

Honey Adapts To The Way You Work

  • Sitting

    Like to sit at a desk or table? Honey has you covered.

  • Standing

    Standing height desks can either be fixed or height-adjustable. Work surfaces can also be fixed at bar height.

  • Lounge

    Relax while checking your email in the lounge or using a laptop table.

Going with the flow!
Desk air flow

Honey’s elevated bottom alignment allows for air to move more freely and helps create improved air quality and heat dissipation.

Stand up!

Fully-integrated height-adjustable desks are available.

Colorful, cleanable fabrics

Honey is available in customers' own materials or choose from our textile partners' graded-in fabrics selection. Workspaces today may require tackable or bleach cleanable textiles, look for the fabric specifications on our partner websites for more information.

See how Honey looks in Maharam’s Mode collection:

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Coming soon DARRAN will offer a line of exclusive knits for Honey. Stay connected to learn more.

Interested in selling Honey? Contact sales@darran.com to get our full package of all marketing materials →



There are 40 veneers available for the Honey 120° workspaces collection.

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There are 20 laminates available for the Honey 120° workspaces collection.

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Metal Finishes

* Reference collection price lists for premium and standard metal finish offering.

There are 14 metal finishes available for the Honey 120° workspaces collection.

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Edge Shapes

There are 7 edge shapes available for the Honey 120° workspaces collection.

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There are 6 hardware options available for the Honey 120° workspaces collection.

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