Bota is an ever-growing lounge collection that effortlessly adapts to spaces as a touchdown terminal, brief meeting area, personal focus nook and an overall hub of concourse with integrated power. Viewed from above, the budding Circlet formation resembles a flower, inspiring the collection name. Thin lines, stitched detailing and subtle curves create Bota’s design aesthetic. Bota Booth is a relaxed meeting hub of two facing lounge units surrounded by an acoustic cocoon. Integrated tables make Bota Booth an instant mini conference room accommodating four to six people. Bota Islands add a spontaneous seating surface to common areas. With 360 degrees of perching space, users can relax, enjoy conversation or work on Bota Island. Bota’s array of configurations and sizes give the collection a flexible footprint. Bota is a Finalist for the 2017 HiP Award for Workplace High Back Seating, and a Finalist for the 2017 Best of Year Award for Contract Pods.

Designed by Keith Melbourne

Features & Benefits
  • Screens are constructed from tubular metal that is welded to maximize strength
  • Horizontal back provides easy ganging capabilities
  • Conforms to individual's lumbar curvatures for adaptive support
  • 3 Ottoman sizes
  • 4 to 6 person booth with or without tables
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  • Bota Typical 1 10'6" x 10'6"
  • Bota Typical 2 12'11" x 6'2"
  • Bota Typical 3 5'3" x 2'6"
  • Bota Typical 4 10'6" x 5'5"
  • Bota Typical 5 13'2" x 10'8"
  • Bota Typical 6 23' x 24"
  • Bota Typical 7 7'11" x 5'3"$13,170
  • Bota Typical 8 12' x 8'
  • Bota Typical 9 10'6" x 10'$16,043


  • Bota Collection
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